Xalingo Industry and Trade is successor of Xavier and Braunger and Cia Ltda, established in 1947. Initially the company was dedicated to the manufacturing of wood and in 1968 it started to work with plastic transformation too. Since its foundation, Xalingo has always been dedicated to the childhood world, developing products that help in the children's social and intellectual development.
Currently, Xalingo makes use of an industrial park capable to offer a varied range of games and toys, either in wood or plastic with rotomolded divisions, injection and blow. Working for more than a half century, always aiming an industrial diversification, the company has about 850 products. We can mention some of them: Tricycles, games, balls, dispensers, watering cans, granaries, reservoirs of seeds and etc. Following the market trends, it was verified that as much the technologies as the consumers have changed, so Xalingo has followed all the technological and economic changes without losing its essence: devotion, quality and commitment with the environment. In our pages, you will know a little bit of our great family called Xalingo.