Social Action

The concern about the infant welfare and the community where the company is established, helps Xalingo Toys possess the stamp of "Empresa Amiga da Criança" since 1996, and the stamp of AGAB (Associação Gaúcha de Brinquedotecas) since 1998, as well as having all its products certified by INMETRO. The games and toys developed by Xalingo are very concerned about the infantile development, give emphasis for the pedagogical side and aim to stimulate intelligence. For this reason they are previously tested and analyzed by pedagogues. The social side is not forgotten by the company. We have got workshops of Chess for people in need and sponsor events regarding the area in many regions of the country. We make donations to some institutions and participate in events in partnership with City Halls and State Government. Specific actions for the Children's day and Christmas are also carried through. In the products of the company it is used just reforested wood, atoxic ink, and the waste is treated. Xalingo Toys is aware of its responsibility with the society and understands how special the actions that benefit the communities are. Xalingo has always been willing to contribute with all institutions committed with the common good, however, it is impossible to take care of the innumerable orders of all Brazil.